Sunday, July 19, 2009

Look a little closer

I've been working closely with four of my employees for a week and our current project coincides with the purchase of my new lighting system. While eating my "Pork (insert some fancy Italian word)" at the Olive Garden and pondering a shoot at the local wind farm I noticed that my guys had amazing faces, incredibly expressive in their own way. I'd never looked so closely at them but I saw them differently and suggested that we do a photo shoot - as soon as we were done eating. Forget the wind farm.

And we did.

Using the shower as a lightbox.

Zane has more sarcasm in his little finger that most people do in their entire body. He'll go hours or even days without saying a word - then without warning a smirk comes over him and something unbelievable comes out of his mouth. Ky is level headed and cool and exudes contentment. A little tuft of hair makes an understated smile seem even smaller. Cole is deadpan except when someone or something strikes him as funny. He cocks his head to the side and peers with a slightly larger distant eye to avoid smiling. But a smile always pokes through. Wesley, unlike his brother Cole, always looks like he either just pulled a prank or is about to.

The more I shoot people the more I love it. Trying to capture that defining expression is super fun. Thanks to "my guys" for being subjects.

BTW: you don't get overtime for this.

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