Sunday, March 18, 2012

Maple Canyon Rock Climbing Guidebook

The much anticipated Maple Canyon Rock Climbing Guide is here...
Above: DK doing what he does best. Maple Canyon, UT.
In 2006 Darren Knezek assumed the role of guidebook author. Drive for a perfect guidebook and constant new route development delayed the guidebook release. Rumors of the much desired guide swelled with every spring and slowly died with each coming fall. One of American top sport climbing areas would remain without a guidebook for 12 years.
Darren spent much of 09, 10 and 2011 climbing every route in Axhandle Canyon, Choke Cherry Dike, New Canyon and Round Valley and most of the routes in Maple Canyon – totaling over 550 ascents. Howd’ya like that for first-hand information?
After much anticipation, the new edition of Maple Canyon Rock Climbing is scheduled for release May 1, 2012. Here are some reasons why you’ll want to consider buying Darren Knezeks version of the guide:
  • 600+ total routes in the guidebook
  • 550+ routes in Maple Canyon
  • 20+ routes are multi-pitch routes totaling more than 60 pitches by themselves!
  • 50+ routes in five satellite areas, consisting of volcanic, sandstone and limestone walls
  • Several previously unpublished climbing areas
  • 300+ color pages
  • Area history and anecdotes by route developers
  • Route insights and tidbits by the route developers and FA climbers
  • No “unknown” routes – this is the one and only comprehensive guide
  • Photos by local photographers
  • Written by a local route developer
  • Supported by local route developers
Consider your options before you purchase a Maple Canyon guidebook this spring!

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