Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Lamb, Politics, Paintings and a Pastrami Burger

My daughter and I recently took a day off and went for a walkabout in the city. We had no plans and no agenda. We didn't even know where we were going. We were just going.

We rode the train into the city, got off when we felt like it and started walking. We visited a used bookstore with books stacked to the ceiling. I've never seen so many paperbacks in my life. We visited an art museum and saw Rembrandts and Blochs and all kinds of really inspiring pieces of art. Do you know how cool it is to stand in front of a 500 year old painting? It was really fun - we saw paintings worth $450,000.00

All that inspiration made us hungry and we decided we'd stop at the next eating joint we saw that looked interesting or quirky. It ended up being Lambs cafe. Lambs is well over 100 years old and the decor is straight out of the 1920's. If Derringer or Capone swaggered out of the back room with a flapper girl under one arm and a tommy gun in the other he would not look out of place in Lambs. We ordered eggs benedict and hot chocolate. Both delicious. The hot chocolate was swimming in whipped cream. We found out later that Lambs is a popular place for politicians and downtown businessmen and that more than one deal has been made over eggs benedict.

We checked out the Lion House, downtown construction, the Gateway and walked until our feet hurt then ended the day on a glorious note...

I had herd of a magical place that serves THE ORIGINAL pastrami burger. I, like George Costanza, am a connoisseur of the Salted Cured Meats (WITH capitols). So we ventured to the mighty Crown Burger to have a stab at what has been praised as the finest burger on planet earth. I'd never been there before.

The praise is right. If you do nothing else before you die you absolutely MUST have a Crown Burger. Seriously. The only regret you will have is that you haven't been going there your whole life.

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Kristi Stevens said...

Why haven't I seen these pictures before?