Thursday, September 3, 2009


In June I took part in a 4 day photo camp at Rock and Ice magazine headquarters in Carbondale, Colorado. The two instructors were Keith Ladzinski and David Clifford. It was a fantastic camp and I cant begin to tell you here the amazing things I gained from it.

Keith Ladzinski writes a monthly column for Rock and Ice called Keiths Corner. He selects interested personalities from the climbing community and features them in a one page column. The column is highlighted with one of Keiths fantastic images - in which he captures the essence of the person and their "story". He is the master of it.

On day three of the camp we set up a photo shoot in Redstone at the Chris Goplerud residence. Chris "G-Money" is an accomplished climber and highly respected photographer. He's also a professional Jazz drummer and has played with the best. The. Best. All over the world.

The shoot we set up was the actual Keiths Corner shoot and the image that Keith took on that day appears in this months issue of Rock and Ice Magazine.

During the session, each of us took turns with the lights and shoot Chris with our own creative expression. It was the most amazing 3 hours of creative energy I have ever experienced. Chris entertained us on the drums, banging away for 3 solid hours, never playing the same cadence twice. Keith and Dave coached us and memory cards were filled to capacity.

Enclosed are a few of the images I took during the session...

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